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Annual weather patterns such as warmer winters (less commodity used), a polar vortex (more commodity used) or unusual summer weather patterns can affect your supply requirements and in many cases, result in penalties or cost adjustments to your account. Your utility reconciles your account annually; many utilities do likewise.

At Ontario Wholesale Energy, all of our products are protected - 100% Load Following, which simply means you can use as much or as little energy commodity* as you need and we absorb and manage all risk. No penalties. No cost adjustments.

Real Energy Protection – anytime, anyplace, any weather.

* Commodity only – Global Adjustment (GA), Delivery, Transportation and applicable taxes are provincially regulated.

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REAL energy Protection

Natural Gas

Natural gas prices have dipped from its 2014 upward trend as record production increased from the North American fracking boom.


Electricity Prices continue to rise with price increases mandated in Ontario over the next 3-5 years, above previous increases.