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2024 April CNBC

An extraordinary run of record heat could usher in a long, hot summer — ‘and not in a good way’

The European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) said March was the 10th month in a row when temperatures have been hotter than ever for the respective time of year.

2023 December eia

New pipelines will bring significant volumes of natural gas to new LNG export terminals.

More than 20.0 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) of natural gas pipeline capacity is under construction, partly completed, or approved to deliver natural gas to five U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals that are currently under construction, according to our Natural Gas Pipeline Project Tracker.

2023 December Globalnews

Canada’s oil and gas emissions cap is here.How does it work?

Canada will cap emissions from the oil and gas sector and require those to drop by at least one-third by 2030, according to a draft framework released by the federal government on Thursday.

2023 October NGI

Natural Gas Futures Rally Endures Amid LNG Strike Fears, War in Middle East, Solid Spot Prices

A confluence of entrenched domestic demand, mounting calls for U.S. exports of LNG and modest production growth – all factors forecast to endure – propelled natural gas futures above $9.00/MMBtu in August and could keep upward pressure on prices for years.

2023 September Oil Price

China’s LNG Buying Spree Threatens Global Gas Market Stability

China is back on the spot LNG market to seek cargoes for the coming winter, potentially upsetting a fragile balance in the global natural gas market just as Europe has reached its gas storage target well ahead of the November 1 deadline.

2023 September Utility Dive

Amid high energy prices, SCE VP, other experts push to reduce California’s reliance on natural gas

As California reels from the impact of high natural gas prices this winter – as well as the ripple effects on the electricity sector – some experts are urging policy-makers to focus on reducing the state’s dependence on natural gas in the first place.


European gas price jumps almost 40% over supply disruption fears

European natural gas prices surged almost 40 per cent on Wednesday as the potential for disrupted global liquefied natural gas supply from Australia spooked traders betting on further price declines.

2023 August Markets Insider

Natural gas prices are soaring as energy workers in Australia look poised to strike, threatening global supply

Natural gas prices surged as much as 9% on Wednesday as energy workers in Australia threatened to strike.

2023 June CTY

Ontario could be at risk of energy shortfall this summer, report finds

Ontario could be at risk of energy shortfalls this summer if heat waves continue to strike, according to a report by a North American electricity regulator.

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