“Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?”
–Chicago, 1969

Are you tired of watching your Time-of-Use Rates “clock”?

If your company uses less than 250,000 kWh per year, you are probably paying Time-of-Use rates and clockwatching. On-peak, mid-peak and off-peak. If you are like most businesses that are open during normal business hours, you are paying the highest possible rate – On-Peak!

Other customers may be on a tiered rate. This means, they pay two different rates depending on how much they use.

When you speak with one of our Energy Specialists, they can educate you on how we can get you off the expensive Time-of-Use rates and help you start paying the Hourly Ontario Energy Price, or HOEPthe wholesale rate that is reserved for some of the largest consumers in Ontario.

OWE Consumers

Unlike those wholesale clubs that force you to buy a lot more than you what you actually want or need, when you pay the hourly Ontario energy price, you get the wholesale rate but only pay for what you need and use!

Ontario Wholesale Energy’s HOEP Plus Cancel Anytime Program* (for businesses that use less than 50,000 m3 and / or 150,000 kWh with 90 days’ written notice) allows you to pay the same wholesale rates that larger consumers use, along with our small program fee and the Global Adjustment or GA. And, if at anytime the plan does not work for you, which very few companies have found, simply give us 90 days’ notice and you can cancel without fees or penalties.

*With 90 days’ written notice.

GA is complex, but we can simplify it:

Everyone in Ontario is required to pay their share of the Global Adjustment. No one is exempt. Essentially, the Global Adjustment is the difference between the cost to generate the electricity and what the producers can get for it on the wholesale market. It is also used to pay for green energy projects such as wind and solar, as well as conservation programs and infrastructure repair.

Compared to a business that used an equal amount of on-peak, mid-peak and off-peak power, a business that was on our HOEP Plus program may show a positive differential - which is why Ontario businesses have chosen Ontario Wholesale Energy to manage over 30,000 accounts. And remember, if you're not completely satisfied with your program, you can cancel at any time.

HOEP Plus Program Cost Comparison
Contract Term (yrs) TOU Cost OWE HOEP + Cost Differential
1 $19,963 $20,162 -$200
2 $34,563 $34,308 $255
3 $49,138 $47,012 $2,126
4 $66,871 $64,534 $2,337
5 $86,496 $82,458 $4,038
* Based on equal usage of On-Peak, Mid-Peak, Off-Peak rates for 250,000 kWh per year and Program Fee of 0.95 cents/kWh for contracts ending October 31, 2020.
** Excludes Ontario Electricity Rebate, discounts/relief programs, delivery, taxes and other LDC costs
*** Figures shown are projections only based on latest available data. Actual results may vary due to weather, demand or other factors and do not represent savings guarantees

Call us to find out how our HOEP Plus+ Program can stop you from “watching the clock”.